Finding the motivation to run a photography business

Hello, in this series of quick reads, I’ll be answering questions and giving tips on the art, craft and business of photography. No need to explain more so let’s get to the first question:

“How do you find the motivation to run a photography business?”

Great question! Starting a business and running it all yourself is a very challenging process. I went from being employed to part-time employed to full-time self-employed. What I learned in that transition period was fascinating.

In my experience, running a photography business as a freelance is about liking what you do as a professional; falling in love with the process and chasing what makes you happy. When you start working for yourself, you shouldn’t need the motivation to get up and get the work done.

It’s about liking putting in the effort, the hours and the enjoy building a business from its foundation all the way up. In the long run, it’s who you become.

We all have that one fitness-obsessed friend who is always in the gym or going out for runs while sane people are sleeping. If you ask them, they’ll tell you they do it because they love it. For me, I need the motivation to go work out, I don’t like going through all that pain and definitely not getting sweaty! I need to find the motivation to go to a boxing class or Tai Chi even if it’s good for me. Does that make sense?

In the other hand, If you’re in it for the money and the fame, if you chase the follower count and the cheques, and that’s your only motivation, you will fail massively when you see that none of it is not coming. Then you will have to find the motivation to carry on.

Chase the work, put the hours, enjoy the 10, 12 or 15 hour long working days, the 7-day working weeks, and you’ll find that you won’t even need the motivation to do it. The money will come because your business will become your lifestyle.

Also, know when to stop, treat yourself with a rest day or a weekend away. It’s healthy for the mind and the body.

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