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FAQ: Finding the motivation to run a (photography) business

“I started promoting my photography services for about a year now and not much is happening. How do you find the motivation to run a photography business?”


Welcome to my very first FAQ post where I will be answering to questions sent through my Instagram or asked by one of my students about the art, craft and business of photography.

The identities will be kept secret to protect those who ask the questions… obviously!

So if you need help with anything related to your photography, I’ll answer to your questions on this space. Moving on…

Great question! Starting a business and running it all by yourself is a very challenging process. Especially if you change from being employed to starting your own journey as a freelance creative.

Obviously, the motivation is to do great for yourself and eventually run a successful business but the ride can be incredibly bumpy and very slow at the beginning.

In my experience, running a photography business as a freelance is about liking what you do as a professional; falling in love with the process and chasing what makes you happy. When you start working for yourself, you shouldn’t need the motivation to get up and get the work done.

But you will need the discipline and the focus to get the work done because it’s very easy to get distracted and ending up procrastinating for the rest of the day when you should be promoting your skills.

I think that finding the motivation should be a force of habit, firstly to make meet ends and secondly because your business will become part of your lifestyle. Does that make sense? Chase the work you want to create, chase the quality of that work and believe in yourself and it will eventually come.

In the other hand, If you’re in it for the money and the fame, if you chase the follower count and the cheques, and that’s your only motivation, chances are you will fail massively when you see that none of it is happening. Then you will have to find the motivation to pick yourself up from a very dark place.

Chase the work, put in the hours, take it a step at a time, a client at a time and enjoy the journey, pick yourself up from the falls and wear your scars with pride and you’ll find that you won’t even need the motivation to do it once things start happening. The money will come because your business will become who you are.

But also, and most importantly: know when to take a rest. Treat yourself with a rest day or a weekend away. It’s healthy for the mind.

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