FAQ: The worse and best gear ever

Hi, I see you’re not very gear driven which I think is cool. I wanted to know, what are the worse piece of gear and the best piece of gear you’ve ever bought and why?

Hey, thank you! yes, not caring too much about gear is super cool because you can focus more on what’s in front of you rather than what’s in or with you.

I’ve tried lots of gear over the years but thankfully haven’t bought much gear. I don’t have unlimited resources so I tend to hire and test before I buy.

Now, for starters, I can’t decide what the worse piece of gear has been.  The way I feel today, I’m gonna go with two Fuji cameras I had:  The X30 and the X100T. I got these two at a time where I was obsessed with street photography and thought that having a Fuji would give me ninja street photography skills. Yeah, I’ve done pretty stupid stuff in my life…

The X30 was terrible! The X100T wasn’t that bad but I just didn’t like the design and feel. I was uncomfortable using it and everything in that camera seemed to be out of place. The buttons were on the way all the time, the AF was sluggish and constantly missing the subject, manual focus was a mess, battery life was too short and so on. In short, it wasn’t the camera for me so I got rid of it and got an A7II instead.

The best piece of gear… I’d probably say both of my Zeiss lenses. The 50mm f/1.4 Planar for Nikon and the 50mm f/2 Loxia for Sony. Since I got a serious tickle for photography I knew I wanted a Zeiss lens. I had to work really hard to afford one and buy it without the support of a bank.

I love the cinematic feel and look that I get out of these lenses. They allow me to capture the light the way I visualize it; they are light, tough, compact and incredibly reliable.  Both being manual lenses allow me to slow down and be very precise on the way I shoot.

Extra ball: The ultimate piece of gear that I have is a strap made by Lomography which they don’t produce it anymore. (Wish I’d bought at least 10 of them) It’s a camera strap that is exactly 1m long and attaches to the camera by 2 pegs onto a piece of leather. I hate conventional straps with that extra bit hanging off and those annoying plastic braces. This one is just perfect!

So there you go. If you have any questions about photography or anything you want to learn about me, just send them over and I’ll reply on a blog post.

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