Still alive and kicking

I’m still around, alive and well. That’s good news to the few of you that follow this blog and not very good news to the competition but hey!

So to the few of you that follow me, I’m sorry I haven’t posted much, I’ve been crazy busy with work and life. My social media doesn’t usually reflect the reality of things but it does share how busy I can be at times.

Usually, I’d be filling in quiet days either by doing a bit of writing for this blog or arranging for a portrait shoot with friends who model but this month I haven’t had the time and the mind to do so.

This is not one of those “OMG I’m so busy I have no time for you, I’m so successful and you can be as well” posts. My days have been filled with shoots for my regular clients, a few trips to London to shoot and teach and a few meetings here and there; any time left has been spent editing, delivering the jobs and doing admin. That takes most of my working hours which are anything between 10 and 13.

Now, the reason I step aside from any side projects like blogging, being on social media and doing portraits is for self-preservation. I’m human, I’m married, I have friends, I have a life and I like to dedicate that little spare time to things that make me laugh, smile and that make me forget about work. Call it me-time, self-care, mental health or whatever you like. In my opinion, it is necessary to step away for a while when work takes most of your time no matter how much you love what you do.

This week a sports personality shared a post about giving it all up and wondering what the point of it all is; I’ll write about it on my next post but for now, I just wanted to let you know I’m still around and well.

Until next time.

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