On (not) giving up

So following up on my update from last week, first of all, I just wanted to make sure you all know I’m well and happy, nothing bad has happened. I also mentioned that Lewis Hamilton shared something about giving up and not finding the point of it all and shutting down completely and that made me think I should write something about it since I’ve been asked a few times how to keep going when nothing seems to work.


Without getting too much in detail about that post. I wanted to grab his story on Instagram as an example that all of us, at some point suffer from these lows in our mindset and our way of seeing life and know that it’s OK to have highs and lows. I certainly have these lows more often than you might think.

But I have this ability or skill to analyze what goes on in my head and turn any negative thoughts into creative solutions hoping only for a positive outcome. I’m aware that this makes me the least indicated person to speak about mental health but maybe the right one to try help those who have reached out and asked for help.

My advice always is don’t give up, keep at it whatever it is that you want to achieve. It ain’t easy and it might seem impossible at first but it’s definitely worth putting in the hours and the effort to overcome any difficulties. One phone call, one email, one business card handed is always better than doing nothing.

The key to overcoming this black hole is to disconnect from everything around you that has a negative influence in your way of thinking and shed the old skin to come back seeing the world from a different perspective. That’s what Hamilton did wisely instead of carrying on with more negative thoughts and came back a few days later with a completely different message.

Stepping back is the healthiest way of dealing with those lows, go away for a weekend or take a holiday if you can, got to a football game, or a play, force your mind to forget about the issue for a moment and the answers will come to you. It’s definitely not healthy to obsess about an idea when you end up in that turbulent mindset.

In the end, you’ll learn a ton of skills to become better at what you do whenever you face another hole like the one you might be facing right now. Either it worked or not, everything will be fine in the end.


Like if nothing happened, huh?

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