FAQ Finding the art in photography

One of my students asked the other day this:  “You talk a lot about the artistic expression on our photography so what is and how do I find the art on my photography?”  

Food photography by Xavier D. Buendia

Finding herself (and yourself for those reading) as a photographer means finding what interests you, what is it that you want to tell as a human being, as an observer and finding what tickles your curiosity. Finding your hungry eye and expressing it through your photographs.

The Ginger Dog

The art in my photography is to get paid. Getting paid is a real art because making pictures is not easy, making good pictures of food and people is even less easy. If it was that easy, it wouldn’t be a profession, right?

The Black Pig

Also, the art in my photography is being able to express the way I perceive food, the way I look at my subject and show them to the world. That hungry eye that tells you when to press the shutter or how to direct a shoot. You only get this by experience and by observing, quietly and patiently what interests you.

Got any questions about photography, life or myself, or want to ask about a photography workshop? send them over on the contact form. 

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