You know those blogs where you get annoying pop-ups, forms and ads before you can even start reading an article? Well, this blog is nothing like that! I don’t want your data nor your money; all I want from you is your attention and your honest opinion.

This blog is motivated on the aim to educate, entertain and most importantly, inspire anyone with an interest in photography, food and life in general.  Here I’ll be sharing everything that I learn along the way as a photographer. through martial arts (hence the lens ninja tagline) and through food, travels and culture.

I try to live a simple life and most of my time is spent around the things that I love doing the most: photography, martial arts and food. I’m a professional food & portrait photographer at XDBphotography I train Ninjutsu and Jujutsu at the Samurai Centre in Brighton and I love food, I spent 15 years working as a sommelier.

I don’t claim to be an influencer, nor an entrepreneurial guru; in fact, I’ve messed up quite a few times in epic proportions but I’m always learning and sharing my experiences with those who want to listen. My opinion is honest and comes from the heart. Those who know me say that I was transparent long before it became hip to be so.

Please stick around and leave a comment on any post that you love or hate.

My name is Xavier (Xavo for my friends) and this is my journal. Welcome!

Xavier D. Buendia-Food & Portrait Photographer